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Explore the most romantic spots on the island with our Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package with your significant other as you stroll through historic fort ramparts or enjoy a candlelit dinner on one of the most pristine golden shores, with our honeymoon tours in Sri Lanka. Create memories of love as you spend your honeymoon on the stunning Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


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Travel Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 - Sigiriya

A land lost in time, Sigiriya holds a secret that begs to be uncovered. Built eons ago by a patricidial king who later sought refuge at the summit of this massive rock. He built his kingdom and years later, his story resonates throughout the village. Head up the stone steps, admire the paintings of the beautiful Sigiriya Frescoes, the shiny mirror wall and finally, the stunning view at the top of his Sigiriya Rock Fortress along with your partner. A couple’s picture at the summit or by the famed water gardens will be the perfect honeymoon postcard to send home to your family and friends!

Day 3 & 4 - Kandy

Wake up to the sweet chirpings of birds. Head to Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka, and realize why the ancient Kings and foreign empires fought to rule this rich geography. Kandy is a magnificent destination for your Sri Lanka honeymoon package. Visit the holy temple, Sri Dalada Maligawa that houses the tooth relic of Lord Buddha. As planned in your Sri Lanka honeymoon package, take a romantic stroll in the Royal Botanical Garden of Kandy, hand-in-hand. Sip a piping hot cup of the finest Ceylon tea in a nearby café and watch the mist-shrouded mountains afar. Now all you can think of is to cuddle with your partner in your honeymoon hotel in Kandy.

Day 5 - Nuwara Eliya

It’s already the 5th day of your Sri Lanka honeymoon package! Experience one of the world’s most picturesque train rides from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. Nuwara Eliya, also known as Little England, has pleasantly cool weather for a tropical island. Be amazed by how the landscape of Sri Lanka seems to transform within just a few hours of travel. This amazing Sri Lanka honeymoon package includes a visit to the strawberry farms and romantic Hakgala botanical gardens. At sunset, enjoy a couple’s boat ride on Lake Gregory. Head back to your colonial-style honeymoon hotel in Sri Lanka. Snuggle close to your love by the fire with a fine glass of Sri Lankan Lion Beer.

Day 6 & 7 - Ella

The romantic Ella town which is included in your Sri Lanka honeymoon package is a destination much loved by tourists from around the world. It holds a charming beauty that is ideal for a romantic honeymoon photoshoot. Enjoy the sites and scenes in our Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package as you explore the breathtaking attractions of Ella. Walk along the 100-year-old Nine Arch Bridge, hand in hand with the love of your life. Perch on the edge of the 100-foot bridge and admire the mesmerizing emerald greenery around you. Your day ends with a fun hike through the mini Adam’s Peak. Misty mountains, chilly weather, picturesque natural scenery, and an ethereal experience with the person you fell in love with… can you ask for more from a Sri Lanka honeymoon package?

Day 8 - Yala

It’s been a week into your Sri Lanka honeymoon package, and it is time to spice it up with a wildlife safari in the jungle! Go on a guided safari to the Yala National Park where the world’s highest number of leopards reside. Photography enthusiasts are going to be delighted by the colorful birds, spotted deer, and the rest of the wildlife in this wilderness. Enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan meal in the middle of the jungle. As you retreat, meet the silent giants in the woods; a herd of elephants. Just when the sun sets, witness one of the most breathtaking sightings of your life; an elegant peacock dance. The surprises that await you in our Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package are delightful!


Day 9 & 10 - Mirissa

A Sri Lanka honeymoon package is incomplete without a visit to the island’s pristine beaches. At Mirissa, get on a cruise ship to sight whales and dolphins in the middle of the turquoise waters. Later, indulge in a scrumptious seafood buffet flavoured with Sri Lankan spices. Wade into the crystal blue waters with your lover and enjoy a wonderful time together. Witness a spectacular sunset whilst listening to the tunes of the waves. Enjoy a candlelit dinner with the love of your life in one of the most romantic beach hotels in Sri Lanka. Dream about your beautiful future starting with this wonderful Sri Lanka honeymoon package as you sip on a classic cocktail.

Day 11 & 12 - Galle & Unawatuna

There is no one but you and your significant other in this romantic escapade. Spend the 10th day of your Sri Lanka honeymoon package making more memories that will last you for a lifetime. Have a fabulous day cycling together through the beautiful city of Galle, enjoying the blend of local and colonial architecture and exploring the history of this pearl island. On the last day of your romantic Sri Lanka honeymoon package, explore the charming Unawatuna beach. Jump right into fun as you go snorkeling, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and experience other adrenaline-pumping water sports. On the last night of this Sri Lanka honeymoon package, join a beach party and dance your hearts out under the starry sky. Head back to your romantic honeymoon hotel and spend your last night on this tropical island together.

Day 13 - Bentota

The tropical town of Bentota is idyllically placed between a murky river and the azure Indian ocean offering love birds plenty of opportunity for water-based tours. Whether you’re interested in a romantic, slow, boat cruise along Madu River while you enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and devote your time and attention to your partner or prefer to partake in a range of thrilling water sports that get your adrenaline pumped, Bentota has it all! Water sports will have you and your partner in fits of laughter and excitement as you jet through the tropical waters on jet skis and banana boats.

Day 14 - Colombo

On the last day of your honeymoon tour in Sri Lanka, head to the bustling city of Colombo for the final leg of the journey. Immerse yourselves in a completely different experience of the island, from a vibrant nightlife to shopping and leisure activities and a plethora of romantic dining establishments to enjoy. Enjoy a sensual spa treatment with your partner, a candle dinner in one of the fine dining restaurants or simply watch your final island sunset on your honeymoon from a swanky rooftop bar. Thank you for visiting Sri Lanka and we hope you had a memorable honeymoon.


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